Pluscom has been one of the sector’s leading companies that focus on call center field since 2009.
Pluscom always aims at prioritizing customer satisfaction that is achieved together with its employees.
It is the primary goal of Pluscom to gain new customers on behalf of sector-leading companies and enter into solution partnership based on creative, fast, flexible and well-planned projects that focus on quality targets and create a difference, together with its employees who constitute the core value and locomotive of Pluscom. You are at the right place if you are looking to work with a team that understand each other and share common principles.
Welcome to Pluscom!

  • Mission

  • Gaining new customers and ensuring high customer satisfaction and loyalty at affordable prices by focusing on effectiveness and efficiency at all areas where corporations are correlated with customers

  • Vision

  • Playing an effective role and creating a difference in customer experience policies by acting as the partner of our corporate clients

  • Values

  • We center upon our customers and know that they are our reason for existence.
    We know that we will make a value and difference together with our employees and value our employees.
    As a reliable company, we provide a comfortable working environment to our customers and employees.
    We set high targets in line with our energy and attain them in short times. We take fast and effective decisions and ensure dynamism.
    We work hard with our result-oriented approach and come through at the earliest and increase effectiveness.



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Loyalty Management
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Why Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the process whereby the corporations that are not mainly engaged in call centre operation can obtain such service from professional companies that can offer this service and the necessary infrastructure in line with all or some of their requirements.
It is the process whereby the by companies that are under the influence of Globalization and fast developments in Technology can obtain services other than their core business as well as Fastness, Flexibility and Cost Advantage that they need in order to survive in this high competitive environment from specialized companies that can offer such services.


Benefits that brands shall provide with outsource usage in major basic headings;
To focus their time and efforts on their own main business field and thus to ensure that the brand develops and is leading in relation to competition,
To reach the flexibility and speed which it is not able to provide in the main company because of many reasons,
To provide cost advantage, To supply an auditable and controllable professional service with no requirement for investment,
Targets that you shall reach with a professional outsource usage;
Human resources, process and technology management is integrated in the best way for you according to the performance and service criteria that you have determined.
It provides customer satisfaction and loyalty increase.
Communication can be reported with concrete outcomes.
It decreases the solution durations of complaints.
It provides information flow from end users.
It contributes to sales directly and indirectly.
It increases the efficiency of marketing activities.
It offers instruments for measurement of marketing activities.
The solution rate at first contact increases.
Personnel requirement decreases by means of technology.
It provides input for analytic CRM.
It provides competitive advantage.
It contributes to proactive applications.
Customer information is updated and centralized.
It increases the efficiency of campaigns.
It plays a part as active information centre during times of crisis.


pluscom pluscom
pluscom pluscom

It is a regular, peaceful and happy working environment. It means getting enjoyable work opportunities and making long-lasting friendships. It means becoming a part of a company where self-development is encouraged by taking more responsibility.

Career Paths: Our internal pool is our priority for all positions that may emerge within the developing Pluscom. Career at Pluscom is a process where our co-workers gain knowledge, skills and experience in time and work for realizing their personal goals.

Education and Development: We follow up professional, competency and personal developments of our employees and support them with trainings.

Our Social Responsibility Projects: Pluscom social responsibility projects show regard to common values of society and comply with this sensitivity.
It allows for organizations in which every employee participates voluntarily and uses their knowledge, time, skills, experience and resources.
Çalışmakta olan her personelin gönüllülük esasına dayalı şekilde katılım sağlayarak bilgi, zaman, beceri, deneyim ve kaynaklarını kullandıkları organizasyonları içerir.

Pluscom Social Activity Club: is the activity club of Pluscom that successfully carries out enjoyable and colourful activities. Various activities that are organized both internally and externally and where all of our employees can join are realized.

To Join Pluscom

As Pluscom Call Center, we invite you to contact us to join Pluscom which welcomes Team Members who are qualified to maintain the future success of Company and are up to their tasks.

Please send your CV to or via the following career portal links or by filling in the following application form to join Pluscom family.

Our Human Resources Department will contact you at the earliest.

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